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Minecraft, this is a sandbox game, where we can build and explore the world in unlimited Minecraft, from building homes, raising animals, to gardening, and much more. then how to make it?1. First create a pattern. With a length of 12 boxes and a width of 10 boxes.2. Then make the height of the building setinngi three boxes above the ground surface3. Give glass to the building4. Stack 2 boxes to the left then followed by 2 glasses to the kriri. Likewise so. But the glass shape on the left corner do not change, leave it that way.5. for the front give door and lamp6. Arrange the roof with a pattern of 1 jkotak and 1 lamp, as well as so on7. Create a 2nd floor section with a height of 3 boxes as in the beginning make the 1st floor.8. The composition of the wall and glass was similar to sususnan on the 1st floor.9. Decorate with a blue box.10. Give a hedge to decorate the yard of your house11. Change the grass with a rock box and give a torch light.There are hundreds of minecraft house modern, minecraft houses, minecraft houses tutorials step by step, minecraft house simple, minecraft houses building ideas etc.You will be mentored in making Best Minecraft House Designs easily and simply. May be useful