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MonsterTruck Car Game for Kids

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Come along and play the Monster Truck Car Game. Get into exciting races and try to win them all. Avoid possible obstacles such as fences, ice-creams, and many others by pressing the “jump”, “back” and “race” buttons. These buttons have suggestive arrows drawn on them so you can understand the way the game works faster. Pick the vehicle of your liking and tune it to make it look cooler and function better. To upgrade your truck you must pay some coins. You can easily earn them by playing any of the mini-games we have created. The one on the top-right of the screen will have you deep cleaning a fire truck with the available tools. Use the sponge and the detergent to clean all the mud, dust, and leaves from the outside of the truck. Wash the foam off with lots of water until it looks spotless. For those who have a knack for remembering details precisely it is recommended to play the memory mini-game. A bunch of cards will be shown to you and then, you will have to match them to their pair. Discover all mini-games and choose your favorite. After earning a decent amount of money, buy the car of your dreams and make any modifications if necessary. Own as many vehicles as you want and prepare them for what is to come. Before joining a race do not forget to choose the location that you want. There are various sceneries like “Antarctica Snow Land”, “Paris Night City” and even “African Desert”. To unlock all locations collect coins. The more coins you have, the better. After any race, you should wash your trucks because they get so dirty quickly! I suggest you apply the cleaner solution all over the car, take the blue rag and the sponge and rub the monster truck thoroughly until the dirt is off. Next, turn on the showerhead, rinse the bubbles off and use the dryer. Repeat the process for all of the vehicles that you own. While participating in races coins will eventually appear on the screen; this is another way for you to collect them. Try your best and get as many as you can.

Some of the game’s features are listed down below:

- Use tools to clean monster trucks

- Different locations you can unlock

- Mini-games are included

- Amazing graphics

- A lot of trucks you can choose from

- Take part in fun races

- Interactive and free gameplay