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Do you want fnf girlfriend mod Daddy Dearest to let you date? Then you need to challenge him. Can you dare to defeat the rock star and other antagonists, even if you have rap talent? Are you sure you have the strength to survive in the fnf battle? Let's find out in this music rhythm game fnf mod!

If Daddy and Mommy won't let you date their daughter, the best way to defend your relationship is to challenge them in the fnf music battle! Even though her father is a demon and a former rock star! Deal with all the strange characters in this game in incredible rap friday night music battle! But not everything is so simple, because in this mod fnf there are many invited characters.

In this friday night mod, you have to go through 5 weeks of a grueling rap fight. This is a fnf music mod of increased difficulty and the fight with the antagonists will be very hot. Use all your talents in a music battle game. Plus, all opponents in fnf dance mod have completely different musical styles!

In friday night mods, the characters from previous weeks are already waiting for you. These are Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest, Skid and Pump, Spirit, Pico, Senpai, Tankman. And of course, in addition to the main characters and other antagonists, we invited a music battle fnf to fight with you! These are among us, siren headed, doge meme, trollface - all of them will take part in a music battle for girlfriend.

How to play music battle mod? On the screen of musical battle game above and below you will see colored arrows: up, down, left, right. Just click on them when the top arrow matches the bottom, along the way enjoying the cool tracks of fnf battles dance and fight the game's antagonists.

Prove to Daddy and Mommy that you are worthy of their daughter!

Disclaimer: This mod is not affiliated with the creators of the original game.