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BCAS - A voluntary organization of Chartered Accountants’ established on 6th July 1949, has 9,000+ members from all over the country. Having published the BCA Journal for over 50 years, it has pioneered professional learning through publications, seminars, workshops, RRC’s and interactive techniques. BCAS Foundation runs RTI Clinics for free amongst other charitable initiatives. What makes My BCAS App special? The technology builds comprehensive profiles of attendees so you can view all attendee profiles before you even arrive at the event or conference. Plan in advance whom to meet at an event, what to talk about with each attendee, and reach out to others via in-app messages before, during, and after the event. You can also create casual meetups and arrange social activities with other groups of attendees. Whova revolutionizes event networking and significantly improves the ROI of attending events.You can also use the My BCAS App to digitize all your transactions with BCAS at your ease. You can check your Profile. This allows you to gain deep insights into your contacts' professional backgrounds, work experience, passions, and interests. You can also seamlessly connect with BCAS on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc.Get more out of events:- Never miss important updates: Get instant notifications from BCAS.- Browse brief profiles of all event attendees- Use the Networking to self-organize social activities and gatherings.- Send in-app messages and schedule private meetings before and after events- Access the agenda, GPS guidance, interactive floor maps, parking directions, slides, and photos- Get involved in event activities through live polling, event gamification, Tweeting, photo sharing, group chatting, and mobile surveys- Conveniently explore exhibitors' information and get coupons/giveaways with one tap