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My City : Bank (premium)

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My City: Bank - addictive arcade simulator for kids from the popular series games for Android devices.

Introduces children to the specifics of the bank

Fascinating and an interesting arcade simulator that in a fun way can tell little gamers aged 4 to 12 about the specifics of the bank. There are many places of interest here, such as a secret safe, a huge banker's house and, of course, a magnificent study. In this game project, you can create your own stories and come up with unique adventures, studying how the bank works.

Interesting mini-games and interactive elements

Meet charming characters that you can transfer later in other games in the series. Interesting mini-games and many interactive elements for interaction have been prepared for you, new characters and stylish outfits for them, the ability to control the weather as if you are a real God, change the time of day and more. Also, this game project does not contain third-party advertising and in-app purchases. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.