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My Dear Farm MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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My Dear Farm MOD APK Mod Info
MOD:Unlimited Money.

My Dear Farm MOD APK is an idle casual game. Players will play the role of a farmer. By planting crops, raising animals, harvesting, etc., they will continuously expand their farm scale and obtain more gold coins.

My Dear Farm MOD APK Game Features

Easy to place, automatic harvesting, no need to waste time and effort.

With a variety of different crops and animals, it is a rich and interesting farm experience.

Players can expand the scale of the farm, build more farm facilities and buildings, upgrade the farm level, and obtain higher income.

There are rich tasks and achievement systems in the game, and more rewards can be obtained by completing tasks.

The game interface is simple and clear, and the operation is simple and easy to use.

My Dear Farm MOD APK Gameplay

Planting crops: Plant different crops on the land, and the maturity time and value of different crops are different.

Breeding animals: Breed various animals on the farm. Different animals produce different products, which can be sold for gold coins.

Build facilities: Building different facilities in the farm, such as warehouses, feed machines, cub cages, etc., can increase the efficiency of the farm.

Upgrade the farm: By continuously expanding the scale of the farm, building facilities, completing tasks, etc., you can upgrade the farm level and get more gold coins and rewards.

Complete tasks: There is a rich task system in the game, you can get gold coins, experience, props and other rewards by completing tasks.

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