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Приобретены платные персонажи.
My Town: ICEME Amusement Park - an exciting educational arcade for childrenfor androiddevices.

Lots of attractions

Continuation of the popular and incredibly exciting series of games for children My Town, which was created on the basis of digital a dollhouse, where little gamers can not only spend their leisure time interestingly, but also for the benefit of their mind. In My Town: ICEME Amusement Park, you will have access to a new location filled with popular attractions and shops that matches the surroundings of the best amusement parks. Are you ready for a big roller coaster ride and a very high Ferris wheel?

Interesting mini-games

Here gamers will be able to control the characters, organize leisure for them, and also thanks to the function multitouch, the smallest users of android devices will be able to play with their parents. Skydiving, extreme rides, racing cars, souvenir shops, delicious ice cream, as well as interesting reaction and attentiveness mini-games, spiced up with colorful graphics and simple controls, a pleasant atmosphere and a wide range of actions will be available to you in My Town: ICEME Park entertainment. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.