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Neonworm: Save the metaverse

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Neonworms are player-controlled creatures from the metaverse, they were created to destroy viruses and balance the virtual world through a game.

Today players all over the world try to control Neonworms to keep the metaverse in existence while vying for the highest position as Neon Master.

Player Classes:

• Neon Learner - Those who are learning achieve less than 500 points.

• Neon Player - Those who are close to controlling Neonworms reach 500 to 999 points.

• Neon Master - Those who are already masters of Neonworms reach 1000+ points.

Help save the metaverse, improve your score, become a Neon Master!

Neonworm is very simple to play, the objective is to catch the egg that has the same color as the creature and dodge eggs with different colors, by touching the screen you invert the creature's rotation, thus being able to move across the board.

Despite being a simple game to play Neonworm is very difficult to master, few players can reach the Neon Master level.

Train with your friends, challenge them, become masters while helping to save the metaverse.