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Solve derivatives, trigonometry, algebra, and arithmetic.One By One is a math study game directed for middle and high school students who want some extra practice. Teenagers finally have a modern and refreshing app to practice even calculus, forever! That is right problems are randomly generated so you will always be getting different problems and working those brain muscles! Step your mental math game up to the next level! Additionally, you can refine practice problems by choosing a specific one in the "One By One Battles" menu.FEATURES:UNICODE/ASCII Art Style. This app was designed to mimic the "nostalgic" or retro feeling on calculators with ASCII art and simple design. The background music continues this feeling with the satisfying key clicks.A leveling system. Go from level 1 to 99 by solving problems each step of the way! Every ten levels you unlock a brand new set of mathematical questions to help study.ARITHMETIC. Whether you need to practice what 1+1= or what (4+3)²/(4-2)³= we got you.ALGEBRA. As you enter into high school most students struggle with algebra, help yourself out and solve some fancy algebra equations like 3x+4=5. As you progress through the levels you can grind your way up to √(x+4)*2=6TRIGONOMETRY. I think we can all admit that the unit circle can be tricky. Through the exp system, you can work at your own pace and master sin(0) before being overwhelmed by cot⁻¹(-1). If you are already a master of sin and cos you can blow past those problems and gain some easy in-game money! For those of you who struggle with trigonometry, there's even a unit circle to help!CALCULUS DERIVATIVES. Derivatives? That's right finally you can practice the derivative rules in any setting. The problems are perfectly tuned to be anywhere from easy mental math to slight difficult mental math. You can practice the power rule or try to figure out what the derivative of ln(2x+3) is.LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS: Have a competitive personality? Well, there are now 5 new leaderboards. Each game mode has its own leaderboard and the final one is based on your balance. There is also a hidden achievement, hint you better get solving!UPGRADES: You have a chance of encountering a "Golden Problem", solve correctly and you'll receive a math artifact that can be equipped to enhance your experience. There are 25 artifacts with 9 unique upgrades that can be used to strategize your problem-solving career!AI BATTLES: If you are feeling competitive or want to practice a certain type of problem you can use the One By One Battles mode to get the perfect training. Additionally, you get rewarded for choosing faster AI and winning!The perfect study tool. No matter what level of math you are this app is perfect for refining your mental math in a visually pleasing retro Unicode calculator style. You can transfer from arithmetic to calculus in seconds.What are you waiting for? Download the app and solve math faster than your teacher!