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Take back control of your health, master your physiology, and build the best version of yourself with One Deep Breath. Use simple, science-based breathing exercises and meditations trusted by Navy Seals, Olympic Athletes, and world-class performers to decrease anxiety, improve focus, and upgrade your health in just a few minutes per day.One Deep Breath gives you all the tools you need to unlock your full potential with breathwork and mindfulness, including protocols for:• Reducing anxiety• Managing stress• Improving sleep• Preventing panic attacks• Developing focus• Boosting energy• Lowering blood pressure• Aiding digestion• Increasing heart rate variability • And more…50+ SCIENCE-BASED BREATHING TECHNIQUESUtilize over 50 breathing & meditation techniques trusted by the best to stay focused, alert, and calm under pressure, including:• 4-7-8 breathing • Box breathing• Inner Fire / Ice breathing• Equal breathing• Resonant Coherent breathing• Heart Rate Variability (HRV) breathing• Paced breathing• Buteyko Method breathing• Vagus Nerve Activation breathing• Nadi Shodhana / Alternate Nostril breathing• Yoga Nidra• And more…APP FEATURESTake complete control of your experience with advanced progress tracking and customization features:• Build your own custom breathing exercises & patterns• Log your daily activity & increase your streak• Track your breath-hold times & visualize your growth• Fine-tune your experience with dozens of custom-produced, immersive soundscapes• Customize exercise duration & sync across devices• Sleep music, binaural beats, and nature sound library• And more…LEARN HOW TO UNLOCK BETTER HEALTH WITH IN-DEPTH LESSONSLearn biohacking techniques and protocols to improve your mental health & athletic performance:• Why mouth breathing is sabotaging your sleep & your health• How to use functional breathing to improve endurance• What is oral posture & why is it crucial for your overall health?• How to use diaphragmatic breathing to reduce anxiety & increase vagal tone• The proper way to breathe during cardio & strength training• How you can use breathwork to boost immunity & decrease congestion• And more…LEARN BREATHWORK WITH AN IMMERSIVE 7-DAY COURSEOne Deep Breath Plus subscribers can access the full Breathing Basics Course, a comprehensive 7-day course that cover EVERYTHING you need to know about how you can use the breath to upgrade your health:1. Why is chest breathing bad for stress & anxiety?2. Why should you avoid mouth breathing whenever possible?3. Why is breathing MORE air not always BETTER?4. How does rapid, shallow breathing impact your nervous system?5. How does poor oral posture contribute to snoring, sleep apnea & insomnia?6. How can you use breathwork to improve energy & focus?7. How can you best use the One Deep Breath app to improve your life?THE ULTIMATE BREATHWORK EXPERIENCEAll these features & exercises make One Deep Breath the ultimate breathwork experience. But don’t take our word for it – download One Deep Breath today and start your journey towards better health today.