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One Night at Flumpty (premium)

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One Night at Flumptys - cartoon horror quest for android devices.

Can you survive the whole night?

One Night at Flumptys is an interesting test in the style of a cartoon horror, which will definitely appeal to fans of the cult quest series Five Nights at Freddys. Here you will play the role of the main character, who will have to stay alive the whole night, passing interesting tests, hiding in time, running away and more. You are kidnapped by a giant egg, which longs for your blood and death, can you win the difficult test of survival and hold out the whole night?

Colorful cartoon graphics

According to the plot of the game, if you still hold out until dawn, you can become friends with the main villain, but if you fail, then death awaits you from a monster egg or his wards demons. Time flows much slower here than in Five Nights at Freddys, so you have to use your smartness and smartness to the maximum in order to be able to hold out until dawn and cope with all the trials prepared for you by the evil egg. The game will definitely delight you with stylish cartoon-style graphics, funny characters and interesting challenges. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.