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Welcome to the world of tranquility, harmony and peace - fascinating origami!

Origami is an amazing art of folding different paper models. It perfectly contributes to the development of fine motor skills, logic, imagination, as well as attentiveness and accuracy. All this contributes to its overall development. Origami is also useful because it can protect against many age-related diseases. It is believed that origami was developed in the XVII century AD in Japan, and in our time it has spread widely across all continents and countries.

Each origami figure is hidden in paper, but a person with imagination and patience can create a toy in the form of a pet, a dinosaur, a dragon or an ordinary spinning top. Anyone can make interesting paper toys with their own hands.

Do you want to surprise your friends and turn an ordinary piece of paper into a funny spinning top, a jumping bunny, a dragon's head or even a movable flexagon? There is nothing easier!

In this application you will find:

* Simple origami schemes of funny toys;

* step-by-step description and colorful animal models.

Take a blank sheet of paper and plunge into the world of Japanese art - origami! It's so interesting! And the app will become your guide and help you to spend your time usefully.

Anyone can make finger paper toys with their own hands, which can be used to stage a home puppet show.

How to make an inexperienced person a funny paper toy? You just need to use our program. And even a beginner will be pleased with how easy and fun it is to create origami.

Working with paper develops a person's creative and spatial thinking, fine motor skills of fingers and a sense of beauty. All this contributes to his overall mental development. But origami can be useful because it allows you to protect yourself from many age-related diseases.

The application presents not only simple origami schemes for beginners, but also more complex ones. However, consistent patterns will help you handle them perfectly. It's simple and fun! So go ahead!

When creating origami with your own hands, it is important to keep in mind that the final result depends on the paper used. The thinner it is, the easier it is to fold and the more beautiful the finished figure will be.

To create funny paper toys, you will need ordinary colored or white paper of different sizes. You can color white paper with colored pencils, paints or markers. The choice of color depends on your preferences. Origami finger toys in the shape of a bear, dragon, cat, calf or crocodile is easy to create, it only requires carefully folding a sheet of paper. And it is better to fix the shape of a paper toy animal with glue or tape. And you will be able to surprise your friends or relatives with unusual origami to create a puppet theater!

We sincerely hope that this application will teach you how to make interesting crafts from paper.

And don't forget to leave your comment. We want to make our origami app better and more interesting.

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