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WARNING: This App requires a valid Ouino account or activation key, otherwise you will NOT be able to use the program.

If you purchased the program in the past, you will be able to create an account with your existing activation key. If you do not have a Ouino account or activation key, please visit our website to purchase the program.


Ouino German is the all-in-one complete solution to learn German fast. The program now includes over 400 lessons, 60 shorts stories, several pronunciation exercises and over 1000 engaging games and challenges. It is the most customizable German learning program. Each lesson has useful and easy to use options that allow you to take control over your learning. Options include setting the amount of time between examples and controlling the pronunciation playback speed. Become proficient and confident in German.

Learn beyond the basics

Many other courses go from A to B, teaching you greetings and basic sentences and before you know it, it's over. Ouino goes way beyond the basics; by the time you are done with this program, you will know more German than may seem possible right now.

Benefit from Ouino's Fast and Slow Pronunciation

Ouino has an extensive amount of example sentences, each associated with two very helpful pronunciation speed. A fast pronunciation to help you get used to the speed of the language and understand native speakers. A slow pronunciation to break down each sentence, helping you to clearly understand how words are pronounced.

Easily keep track of your progress

Keep track of your progress and knowledge by evaluating your "knowledge level".

When you finish a lesson you can choose one of four levels, depending on how well you understood the lesson.

Then, when you go back to the table of content you can see which topic you need to improve on.

Learn how to think in German

The key to learning a language is not to remember pre-made sentences, but to learn the building blocks to make your own sentences. Ouino German is based on this concept; you will gain knowledge of each individual part of a sentence in detail, discover a massive amount of vocabulary, and become skilled at using several verbs in German.

Your own virtual instructor

Ouino is designed as your own personal instructor, you learn what YOU want to learn, not what "lesson X" has in store for you. Let's pretend you're going to a German restaurant and you want to impress your friends with your knowledge. You can choose to learn some restaurant words and useful phrases, the verb "to eat" and "to drink" and perhaps to become familiar with some food vocabulary! You can also "tell" your program (aka your teacher) to repeat, or repeat slower, as many times as you want! Then, you can test yourself by taking the associated quiz. You are always in full control.