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Palm Kingdoms 2: Remastered (Full Paid)

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MOD:Full Paid

Palm Kingdoms 2 Mod

Famous PK2 on Android! Remastered version supports all phones and tablets!

Palm Kingdoms 2 Mod. 75 handmade scenarios included. Each scenario is a complete story-driven adventure with several hours of gameplay. It will take weeks to beat them all! Many scenarios can be played in a hot-seat mode.

Palm Kingdoms 2 ModAn old-school pixel strategy. Brilliant graphics and well-thought gameplay allow you to play for hours! You control heroes, gathering resources, conquering new lands and fighting opponents. There are 7 factions (Knight, Barbarian, Warlock, Sorceress, Necromancer, Wizard, Varangian), 114 power artifacts and 180 types of creatures for your armies.

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