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Protect your family using our phone tracker in english and phone locator in english. We have developed it with the aim that it can help older people. Remember that in order to track a family member, they must first give you consent, install the application, allow localization and give you a unique code.When the family member you want to track has given you their code, then you can add it within the app and track it. Basically this application is especially for older people who can sometimes get lost in the city. This is why we have added a functionality to know the battery of the mobile along with the location.Protecting our family and especially our elderly people is very important. Therefore, being able to track phone number (giving first your consent and then the code) is something that is necessary for certain people.Locating a mobile phone by number and the code that person must give to you. With this you can geolocate and protect that person by using GPS that is a locator and tracker by number in english.Our application in english, unlike others, is completely free, tracking and locating family members does not require a paid version. That is why we have added ads within the application.For Google Play moderators or anyone who wants to try the application: You can try to click 'Be localized' then a code will appear, copy that code and go to 'Add new family member', put a name and paste the code. So, in a few seconds/minutes if everything went well, you will see that your own location automatically appears.