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Pighead Mod is such a game, the player will play the protagonist who is kidnapped by the perverted pig-headed killer, while escaping from him and looking for a way out of this horrible room. Come and download Pighead if you like Momo Horror Mod Apk!

Pighead Mod game introduction

It's also a pig, and it wears a headgear with antlers, but it does lack the cuteness of Peppa Pig.

Pighead Mod is a scary puzzle adventure escape game. In the Pighead game, the player will play the game from a first-person perspective.

Horror game background music combined with eerie game style. You will be in a dark castle like a maze

Fight bravely with the pig-head monster, don't fight it hard, find the exit as soon as possible, and escape from here.

Pighead Mod Gameplay

1. There are many rooms to explore in Pighead Mod game, keep exploring to find the way out.

2. The evil and scary pig-headed monster can't be killed, even if you shoot it with a gun, it will only slow down its speed.

3. Fight bravely with it, use the props reasonably, and don't fight with this pig head hard steel.

Pighead Mod game features

1. The eerie game style combined with the weird music, the horror atmosphere is well set off.

2. Take the challenge of fighting wits and courage with the evil pig-headed monster, and go to complete each game is a very classic puzzle-solving story.

3. Diversified gameplay, novel and unique plot design, very attractive, interlocking plots can arouse your curiosity.

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