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Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the new sequel to Plants vs. Zombies. Based on the classic gameplay of plant defense zombies, plant energy, gesture props, zombie setting diagrams and game level selection scenes have been added. Players can experience three main levels: Ancient Egypt, The Pirate Bay and The Wild West. The game also includes elements such as real-time strategy, tower defense and card collection. Players control plants to resist zombie attack and protect the botanical garden.

This game requires both cerebral intelligence and cerebellar reflexes from the players. With the right strategic thinking, but also relying on tactics to achieve strategy. The tactical range covers a wide spectrum. The combination of plants, formation in combat, and whether plants fight or defend when encountering zombies all belong in the tactical category. Proper tactics are the key to victory in battle. In order to choose the right strategy, we need to analyze the situation before making a decision. Therefore, improving the tactical level also improves the ability to analyze the situation.

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