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Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game (Unlimited Money)

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"Are you ready to run the prison and become a Prison Tycoon?

Operate prisons, transform prisoners around the world and earn huge profits!

Starting from the management of low security prisoners, the prison will be built into a high security correctional facility to hold the most dangerous prisoners.

Manage prison services, staff and prisoner needs to avoid conflict and riots: expand the prison compound, design personalized administrative offices, and equip prison guards with the best security equipment. Pay attention to every detail to make the prison safer. Even strengthening the ventilation system can improve the prison environment. Use the money on the blade.

Pay attention to the needs of prisoners

Watch and monitor the mood of prisoners at any time to prevent riots or prison breaks. Upgrade prisoners' cells and beds to make their living environment more comfortable. Prepare books and books, build basketball courts and telephone booths, and provide prisoners with a variety of entertainment. Improve kitchen facilities and meal quality, keep prisons clean and sanitary, and upgrade showers to improve the personal hygiene of prisoners.

Managing prison staff

Prisons need efficient staff. Hire and dismiss chefs, doctors, construction workers, cleaners, prison guards and managers according to current needs and development strategies. Each department will work hard to meet the basic needs of the prison, so all teams must be properly managed and made profitable for you.

Investment in prison construction

When building a prison Empire, your management skills and aspirations will bring you different employees and prisoners. Upgrade the maintenance room, office, kitchen, infirmary, laundry and prison guard room to improve the working environment. Upgrade the prisoners' cells, shower area, prison yard, canteen and lounge. Manage electricity and water supply and ensure that prisons have inexhaustible resources.

Maintain prison security

Provide your reputation by controlling fights. Intelligently manage the needs of prisoners and meet their needs at any time. Provide the best security equipment for prison guards. Guard the most dangerous prisoners and imprison them in solitary confinement if necessary.

A reformed prisoner

Reform prisoners and get more income! The government and society will be grateful for your contribution! Improve reputation and strive for opportunities to manage large prisons.

If you like leisure management games, you will fall in love with prism Empire Tycoon! This casual game is simple and easy to play. It can operate the prison through strategic deployment and obtain considerable benefits. Start from a small ordinary prison, strive to strengthen prison construction and achieve greater development. Build ordinary prisons into the world's most stringent high-level security prisons and become the world's strongest prison managers! "

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