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Project Clean Earth (Lots of Diamonds)

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Mod: Lots of Diamonds.

Project Clean Earth Mod

Pixel RPG with roguelike and action elements

Project Clean Earth - entertaining pixel role-playing game for android devices.

A great combination of two popular genres

Project Clean Earth Mod

High-quality, exciting and easy-to-learn role-playing game for android that combines elements of roguelike games and action in the style of Hack and Slash . Project Clean Earth will send you to an alternate world where the ultimate weapon created by mankind called "Bernard" arrives on an unknown planet to destroy evil mutants and monsters. "Bernard" is a robot that has a lot of deadly weapons in its arsenal and you, along with it, will have to fight hundreds of angry creatures.

Entertaining retro gameplay

Project Clean Earth Mod

Project Clean Earth will please you with beautiful retro pixel art, detailed locations in the apocalyptic world, dynamic gameplay in the spirit of classic action games, as well as a large number of features, like in RPG titles. You will be able to improve your robot using dozens of weapons, relics, various abilities and even drones. You can download the pixel RPG for Android and appreciate the varied gameplay that will make you use your strategic skills during combat and logical abilities while solving various tasks. 

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