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Puzzling Peaks EXE (premium)

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Android version
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Puzzling Peaks EXE Mod Info
Puzzling Peaks EXE - pixel logic game with platformer elements for android devices.

Over a hundred levels

In Puzzling Peaks EXE you will be transported to a 16-bit world where you need accompany an unusual hero and overcome numerous trials, enjoying an intriguing story. The absence of intrusive ads, comfortable control, an abundance of levels worked out to the smallest detail, a dynamic soundtrack, non-trivial humor, as well as digital pursuit creatures - all this you will find in Puzzling Peaks EXE. Are you ready to walk this most interesting path to the very end?

Interesting game mechanics

The game will delight you with a rather unusual and interesting game mechanics in which you have to guide a stationary hero , driving it into action by rotating platforms, interactions with the environment and other auxiliary elements located in locations. To overcome challenges, you will need good reflexes, reaction speed, attentiveness, strategic thinking and a non-standard approach to each obstacle. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.