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The description of QFIRST App

Throw an anonymous icebreaker out there and let serendipity find you

Post your favorite quote from your favorite movie and to wait to see who breaks the ice by guessing the movie correctly...Ask people about their favorite travel destination in the world and wait to see who breaks the ice by matching yours exactly....

Your icebreakers are the only things people see about you so make them memorable, random, enticing and intriguing!

With QFIRST, break the ice, meet, date or make friends with people in an anonymous and fun way. No Profile. One anonymous icebreaker to make a connection.

What's your icebreaker?

We have 2 types of icebreakers:

You post a fun icebreaker and set its secret key. All users will need to match exactly that key. Spelling counts. The key is always case insensitive and all blank spaces will be ignored.

You also have the ability to limit the number of guesses each user and if there is a match, you can choose when to receive or send pictures.

Here is an example:

What is your zodiac sign?




In this example, I want to meet only people who are gemini.

Anyone entering exactly this key would break the ice and be able to start a chat with me. Remember that spelling counts. The key is case insensitive and all spaces are ignored.

Also, I'm allowing all users to only have 1 chance to guess exactly that key.

Finally, when I get a match and start chatting, I want to allow picture exchanges only after both my partner and I have sent 10 messages each.

Post a fun icebreaker and view all replies from users. You will be able to pick the user with the most intriguing response and break the ice with them.

Cut to the chase! People don’t read profiles anymore. With QFIRST, your ice-breaker is anonymous and the only thing people see about you so get creative!

Be creative because boring opening line means boring person! Choose an secret key or freestyle icebreaker. Your icebreaker can be fun, random, serious… anything you want! The choice is yours.

Yes! Unwanted matches are automatically filtered when you post SECRET KEY ICEBREAKER. With FREESTYLE icebreakers, QFIRST allows you to review responses from users and break the ice with the interesting ones!

Want to share pictures right away? Wait until 4 or 50 messages are exchanged? Decide what you’re comfortable with!

Are you willing to take the risk? You never know who you might meet without the pressure of photos. QFIRST can be great for sapiosexuals, demisexuals, and ANYONE craving for that connection, for fun and interesting conversations.

Download the app and share it!