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Quiz Flex is the best Online/offline free multiplayer quiz game can be played with your friends to improve or learn general knowledge with great enjoyable quiz questions(gk questions and answers).

Our free online fun multiplayer online game quiz app is designed to help you participate and engaged in the fun trivia questions and answers and you can play this game online with your friends.

Quiz Flex free Multiplayer online fun trivia game will take your mind off daily troubles and help you relax with knowledge questions and quiz questions. It involves you in the brain activity which helps you to increase neurons in your brains which leads to sharper brain and add on to your general knowledge (GK).

Quiz Flex is available in English language.

You can play this quiz game online with your friends .This is a quiz for friends.

This free online new quiz fun multiplayer game with general knowledge question and quizzes is designed in such way that each generation can have unlimited fun while playing. It is a free quiz fun multiplayer game to test your and your friends IQ and general knowledge and it is a multiplayer quiz app to earn the money/coins.

This full of online entertainment free multiplayer online quiz and stress-relieving multiplayer online game gives you delightful learning experience while answering knowledge questions with your friends and quiz fun questions whether you know the answers or not and just win the coins or earn the coins. It is a source of valuable information and general knowledge.

- Start the quiz fun multiplayer game

- Find unlimited trivia questions , general knowledge questions , quiz questions.

- Find such a trivia questions and knowledge questions which cannot be find anywhere

- Find free quizzes on gk questions( general knowledge questions ) , mathematics questions , science questions , geography questions , history questions , sports questions , entertainment questions and many more.

-Play Quiz Streak for free for more fun which has variety of trivia questions and knowledge questions with timer in it that makes the game more interesting and it has all variety of questions in one i.e. general knowledge, geography, history etc and it is a quiz app to earn the coins/ money in the game

-Play with your friends , create or join quiz , share your code with your friends and play together online and have fun.

- Play the level with friends , earn the coins, win scratch cards for unlimited fun in the free multiplayer quiz with free coins

- See your progress report and check your general knowledge GK score and coins achieved on home page and play more trivia questions online as well as offline for free with your friends.

- After completing each level win the scratch cards with your friends and have more coins to unlock next upcoming levels and see score of your general knowledge.

- All the quiz questions and knowledge questions are filtered by difficulty. The more trivia questions and knowledge questions you answer; the more difficult trivia questions you get and more coins you will earn,

- Coins are the in-game currency used in Quiz Flex , which enable you to unlock the upcoming levels.

- You also get coins once the level is completed. In this case, the number of coins depends on how many general knowledge questions or trivia questions you answered correctly.

- If you want to earn larger amount of coins/money, watch the suggested videos.

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