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Quran Sharif 16 Lines-Quran Pak free Muslim reciting holy Quran 16 lines per page.16-line Quran Majeed specific standard format designed for Hafiz e Quran. Holy Quran Majeed book is helping the Muslims in religious practices Namaz, Talwat completely memorizes Quran in Jama, Islamic institutes, school. Al Quran Recite with real feeling, just like a real Quran in your hand anywhere.Quran Sharif 16 Lines-Quran Pak - القرآن الكريم free reading android Quran app. Holy Quran Sharif 16 Lines is assembled from papers to a Phone screen with real Fonts & HD Pages of Quran Majeed App. 16 Line Al Quran Just for fulfilling the task of Talawate HOLY QURAN Majeed. القرآن الكريم has maintained the perfect digital version of holy Quran. القران المجيد increase the urge of learning and inner satisfaction.Quran Sharif 16 Lines App for Recitation, 16 Line Read Quran HD Easily. Special 16 line Quran Pak with a feeling of actual printed Quran Pages in your hand. Quran Al Kareem enhances your recitation and spiritual experience with the real feel of the Holy Quran anytime anywhere. القران الكريم has a real page elegant style, turning effect, Nastaliq font, and multiple modes for better readability.Quran Al Kareem is the religious text of Islam that Muslims believe to be a revelation from God.Holy Al Quran is the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language.Quran Sharif 16 Lines-Quran Pak has the following main features:Easy Navigation of Holy Quran sharif Pages:Koran Majeed helps to open any Surah or Juz directly from the index. 16 line Quran’s sharif resume button takes you to the page where you left last time Quran Majeed Talwat. With go-to page option, you can directly jump to desired page or surah instantly in Holy Quran sharif.Quick Toolbar in Koran Majeed:Holy Quran sharif has a new toolbar used to quickly access amazing Quran app functions such as night-mode, page sound, save bookmark, page overlay, and settings.Bookmarks Option of Holy Quran Sharif:Quran Pak helps you to save your favorite page or surah with unlimited bookmarks Quran App. While reading القران الكريم, just tap the bookmark option in Quran sharif quick toolbar to save the current page OF Holy Quran Majeed.Brightness controller of 16 line Quran sharif:Using Al Koran Kareem, now you can adjust the custom brightness of Quran pages in app settings. This brightness setting will not affect your phone’s brightness settings.Page Navigation Sounds:Quran Majeed 16 lines app has multiple real page navigation sounds in Holy Quran App. You can set your desired sound to page navigation and you can also mute the Quran page navigation sound in the quick toolbar of the Holy Quran.Page Presets of Al Koran Kareem: Al Koran Kareem app Page presets option gives you a changed beautiful look of Al Quran pages with a beautiful combination of colored text and background.Font Colors in Quran Majeed: القران الكريم allows you to change the desired font color of pages from given font & background colors. It is really helpful for people who have color-blindness problems.Night Mode of Holy Quran sharif: Quran Majeed app Night Mode will turn the text into white and background in black color that gives a more comfortable reading at night or in low light conditions.Overlay Mode of Holy Al Quran: القران الكريم provides the page-overlay option if your eyes are not comfortable with any color and brightness of pages. You can adjust the color intensity and shade of page overlay from settings.