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The description of Rafid App

This application helps create an efficient ecosystem for the accurate and timely reporting of traffic accidents in Sharjah.

It offers motorists and citizens the ability to report traffic related incidents in Sharjah efficiently. On opening the user-side application, the user can easily view the location of nearby police stations on a map. A Request Officer button has been provided through which users can alert Rafid Officer to their location, in case of an emergency.

Users also have the option to report an incident by filling out a questionnaire form provided within the application. Various questionnaire templates are made available for the users to report different kinds of incidents. Once a user selects a template, s/he will be asked the corresponding questions on that template. These may include vital details such as type of incident, number of vehicles involved, licence plate numbers of vehicles involved, fields to upload media such as photographs/video of the scene, provision to scan ID cards of parties involved in the incident etc. GPS integration with the application ensures that the location of the incident is automatically sent along with the questionnaire.

The Incident Report is then generated automatically, based on the information provided through the questionnaire. These can be used for insurance, police reference and other purposes. A copy of all incidents reported by a particular user and all incidents they have been involved in, shall be made available to the user through her/his mobile application. SMS notifications email updates alert users to the status of resolution for incidents reported. Incident reports are saved automatically and can be sent for insurance or legal purposes.


1. Quick and seamless reporting of accidents

2. Request Officer feature to summon support vehicles to the scene and one-click call placement to dispatch centre

3. Questionnaire to fill out information regarding an accident with built-in templates for various kinds of incidents

4. Questionnaire includes fields to fill several vital information such as type of incident, number of vehicles involved, licence plate numbers, additional notes etc.

5. Option to upload media such as photographs and video of the scene as well as the vehicles involved

6. Automated E- Incident Report Generation with information on incident as well as the parties involved for insurance, police reference and other purposes

7. Automated Advanced Incident Sketches based on report

8. ID scan to access and verify information of parties involved in accident

9. Push notification updates

10. Email & SMS updates

11. Ability to share generated incident reports (for insurance or legal purposes)

12. Helps motorists and citizens report minor accidents and generate reports without the involvement of the police or patrol cars

13. Map integration for location tracking

14. In-built questionnaire for easy information retrieval from users (witnesses), with various templates for different categories of incident

15. Inbuilt Payment system