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Ragdoll Battle Playground MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Ragdoll Battle Playground MOD APK is an extreme physics action game where you can unleash your parkour and ragdoll abilities. The game is equipped with many new features that will take you to a whole new experience.

The bosses in this game are brutal, huge, and devastatingly destructive. They're after you, so get in and face them to test your skills. BamBam the monster leader with terrifying strength, Boxyboo with lightning speed and deadly attacks, and Choo Choo with high jumping ability and speed. Be careful and use your character's skills and powers to defeat them!

With the parkour function, you can jump over obstacles in a flexible and unique way. Meanwhile, the ragdoll feature will break your vertebrae and make a splash on impact.

You can enhance your attacks and improve your combat abilities. Unique and customizable poses have also been unlocked, allowing you to create unique combat skills.

Plus, experiment with the satisfying feeling of flying and shooting with unique and powerful weapons. You will experience a magnificent shooting scene as you balance the mid-air while eliminating enemies.

Additionally, the game features obstacle course and destruction modes, allowing you to create a unique solo experience. Join now and explore the world of dramatic action in Ragdoll Playground!

Ragdoll Battle Playground MOD APK Features

Move freely while combining unique skills.

The game offers extremely realistic physics.

Special graphics with a familiar pixel style.

Vivid and captivating sound effects.

How to play Ragdoll Battle Playground MOD APK

Press the "Run" button to adjust the intensity and direction.

Press the "Jump" button to jump over obstacles.

Use your proficient shooting skills to eliminate ragdolls.

Beware of the ruthless killing machines that can eat you.

Let's try to explore something new in ragdoll fight playground game.

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