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Raptor: The Last Hope - Space Shooter - great combination of space simulator and shooting games for android devices.

Can you find a suitable planet for life?

Based on the plot of the game , planet Earth was destroyed 8 years ago and only a few people survived. You will play as one of the few survivors, you will surf and explore outer space, fend off enemy attacks, and also try to find a habitable planet where the remnants of humanity could settle. Can you fight off an incredible number of opponents, complete missions and find the best planet to inhabit?

Spectacular space battles

Raptor: The Last Hope - Space Shooter offers dynamic and spectacular space battles where you have to use your ingenuity and resourcefulness to destroy enemy fleets. You also have to complete over 50 challenging missions and cope with intense gunfights. The game will delight you with high-quality graphics and modern visual effects, a well-developed campaign mode, a huge space to explore, several types of opponents, as well as the ability to choose a third-person and first-person view. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.