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Collection of Board Game & Brain Games (IQ)

The game has great graphics and amazing character effects thanks to a dedicated framework for 3D mobile games.

Although with a great quality, but the game doesn’t require a high-quality device.

The special thing is that this is not only Chess but it can also play many different types of Board Games, even Tower defender.

There are many reasons to play this game. Above all, it trains your brain, making it stronger and faster.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/chess

Is meaningful three-dimensional chess with strong engine and LibGDX framework. Combat oriented game mechanics, complete with richly animated game pieces.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game)

• The word "Go" is derived from the full Japanese name igo, which is derived from its Chinese name weiqi.

• The Korean word baduk derives from the Middle Korean word Badok, the origin of which is controversial; the more plausible etymologies include the suffix "dok" added to "Ba" creating the meaning "flat and wide board", or the joining of "Bat", meaning "field", and "Dok", meaning "stone". Less plausible etymologies include a derivation of "Badukdok", referring to the playing pieces of the game, or a derivation from Chinese 排子, meaning "to arrange pieces".

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiangqi

(Chinese: 象棋; pinyin: xiàngqí; English: also called Chinese chess, is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in China, and is in the same family as Western (or international) chess, chaturanga, shogi, Indian chess and janggi. Besides China and areas with significant ethnic Chinese communities, xiangqi is also a popular pastime in Vietnam, where it is known as cờ tướng. • The game represents a battle between two armies, with the object of capturing the enemy's general (king). Distinctive features of xiangqi include the cannon (pao), which must jump to capture; a rule prohibiting the generals from facing each other directly; areas on the board called the river and palace, which restrict the movement of some pieces (but enhance that of others); and placement of the pieces on the intersections of the board lines, rather than within the squares.

⚡️ online Game

⚡️ 1000 Puzzles Game (End Games)

⚡️ 1000 Xiangqi Puzzles Game (End Games)

⚡️ 3D richly animated game pieces.

⚡️ 8 AI levels (3000 Elo FIDE)

⚡️ use book

⚡️ Free rotate camera.

⚡️ Real time chat