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|| Rich Car Speedometers Simulator || Speedometers of supercars is the fully functional analog speedometer. At the same time, the HUD speedometer of the super car's app is also a speed alarm to save you from over speeding. In the super car speedometer simulator, you will find the most accurately reflected speedometers from the most popular supercars.️ The rich car speedometers application contains Luxury Car engine sounds (acceleration), which make you feel like you were riding in a supercar. In the super car speedometer simulator, you can set the speed unit with sound and visual speed warning. You can ON compass for the direction. In GPS mode, you can get the live driving speed of your luxury car, bike, scooter, and other vehicles. Your highest speed of the expensive car will be recorded in settings, and you can reset it.️ Features of Accurate speedometers of Super Cars:- ️ Simple and expensive car driving realistic experience. Change the speed unit. Set sound and visual speed warning. Set the compass on the screen for direction. Enable the engine sound for a realistic driving rich car experience. GPS mode to get the accurate speedometers of super cars. Record the highest GPS driving speed.Disclaimer:This app is not associated in any way with any other apps, companies, and brands. All ringtones are under public domain license.