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Important: SBB Preview is the preview version of the SBB Mobile app. We are using SBB Preview to test new and innovative functions and features which we want to include in the SBB Mobile app in future.The basic functions for timetable enquiries – and for ticket purchases – for journeys anywhere in Switzerland are the same in SBB Preview as in SBB Mobile. We’ve kept the Preview app in grey to make it easier to distinguish.The heart of the app is the new navigation bar with the following menu points and contents: Plan:• Plan your journey with a simple timetable request via the touch timetable or use your current position as the origin or destination, locating it on the map. • Buy your ticket for the whole of Switzerland in just two clicks. Your travelcards on your SwissPass are applied.• Travel particularly affordably with supersaver tickets or Saver Day Passes.Trips:• When purchasing tickets, your journey will be saved in the ‘Journeys’ tab.• Even if you don’t buy a ticket, you can save your journey manually in the timetable.• The app accompanies you from door to door as you travel and you will receive information about delays, disruption and interchange times via push notification.EasyRide:• Check in, get on and set off – across the entire GA Travelcard network.• EasyRide calculates the right ticket for your journey on the basis of the routes you travelled on and charges you the relevant amount subsequently.Tickets and travelcards:• Show your public transport travelcards digitally with SwissPass Mobile.• It also gives you an overview of your valid and expired tickets and travelcards on the SwissPass.Profile:• Straightforward access to your personal settings and our customer support. Contact us.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: security and authorisations.Why does SBB Preview need permissions?Location:For connections starting from a current location, the GPS function has to be activated so that SBB Preview can find the nearest stop. This also applies if you want to have the nearest stop displayed in the timetable.Calendar and e-mail:You can save connections in your own calendar and send them by e-mail (to friends, an external calendar). SBB Preview requires read and write permissions to be able to import your desired connection into the calendar.Access to the camera:To take photos straight in SBB Preview for the personalised touch timetable, the app needs access to the camera. You will be asked for permission. Internet access:SBB Preview needs internet access for timetable informations and ticket purchase options.Memory:To support offline functions such as the list of stops, connections (history) and ticket purchase, SBB Preview needs access to your device’s memory (save app-specific settings).