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You can install Samsung Internet Beta along with the Samsung Internet stable version.Samsung Internet provides the best web browsing experience for you with Video Assistant, Dark Mode, Customize menu, Extensions such as Translator, and by protecting your privacy with Secret mode, Smart Anti-Tracking and Smart Protection.■ New Features for you* Activation of “Smart anti-tracking” feature (Default On)The smart anti-tracking feature is activated by default in order to strengthen privacy protection.* Privacy Report provided on the “Quick access” pageThe Privacy Report, which includes information such as ad blocking and tracking prevention, is provided within the “Quick access” page so it can be checked easily.* Supports Drag & Drop for tab groups and bookmarks barThrough Drag & Drop, features such as creating tab groups and changing the order of bookmarks are supported.* Improved Tools menu editing accessibility You can easily move to “Customize menu” by opening the Tools menu (≡) at the bottom right and long pressing any button in the Tools menu.■ Security & PrivacySamsung Internet helps you protect your security and privacy while browsing the Internet.* Smart Anti-TrackingIntelligently identify domains which have cross-site tracking ability and block storage (cookie) access.* Protected BrowsingWe will warn you before you can view known malicious sites to prevent you from visiting web sites which may try to steal your data.* Content BlockersSamsung Internet for Android allows 3rd party apps to provide filters for content blocking, making browsing safer and more streamlined.The following permissions are required for the app service.For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.[Required permissions]none[Optional permissions]Location: Used to provide location-based content requested by the user or location information requested by the webpage in useCamera: Used to provide webpage shooting function and QR code shooting functionMicrophone: Used to provide recording function on webpageStorage: Used to store files when downloading from webpagesContacts: To upload the Contacts on the webpagePhone: (Some Android versions) To check the mobile phone’s information when using the Error reports featureNearby devices: (Some Android versions) To find and connect to nearby Bluetooth devices when requested by the website