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Can you solve all the puzzles and make it out alive this abandoned Huggy factory? A vengeful scary toy is waiting for you inside this maze. Use your powerful Blue Hand and Red Hand to hack electrical circuits or grab anything from afar. Explore the mysterious facility... and don't get caught!Welcome to the new chapter of |poppy playtime| chapter 2, with more challenges and the return of |poppy playtime| chapter 2 game.Throughout the wuggy game, you need to roam around every room and complete all the fascinating quests to reach the final destination. Don't let the |Huggy Wuggy| spooky atmosphere scare you away. Try to survive the frightening fluffy somewhere in the factory!|poppy playtime| chapter 2 is a first person game with horror and puzzle elements, that can play with your friends and family to enjoy in android |poppy playtime| 2 horror games.|Huggy Wuggy|: chapter 2 game is a spooky action title, it was released on the 20th of April, making it in time for the Halloween season. Play The |wuggy playtime| horror & puzzle game , is an exciting adventure, full of fun .Pay big attention to the toys waiting you in the big scary toy factory and keep solving puzzles. In this breath-taking game, you will play as a curious visitor who roams and enjoys his play-time around the factory and collect every single evidence to solve the mystery of that abandoned toy factory.Game Story: After receiving a call from a stranger asking to come over to the big abandoned scary toy factory in the city center to inspect some suspicious activity, you take your car and sneak into the scary big toy Huggy factory exploring it. You will come across multiple play-time horror puzzle to be solved. Pay big attention to the toys waiting you in the big scary toy Huggy factory and keep solving puzzles.Scary Nights Toys: Chapter 2 is now live! The new big enemy has joined the game in this new chapter 2. The new big ghost scary Toy Wuggy enemy is waiting for you in the Huggy game. Use your house escape powers like blue hands and red hands to hack electric circuits and grab anything from far places in playtime escape games 2022.DISCLAIMER:|poppy playtime| chapter 2 game is an unofficial version and is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers. This application takes after the reasonable use rules by US law, in the event that you feel there is an immediate copyright or trademark infringement that does not take after inside of the reasonable use rules, please get in touth with us specifically.