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The story of this scary game is about a boy and a doctor in the hospital. In bygone days prank hero boy was ill and his mother took him to the hospital for treatment in scary simulator spooky games. The boy dislikes the treatment by the doctor and thinks about teasing the scary doctor as a prank master next time through amazing Pranks being a Prankster in creepy games. There in the hospital, the naughty boy makes funny pranks with the evil doctor to irritate him in doctor simulator hospital games.This is one of the top Doctor simulation games with Prankmaster kid patient.

Imagine yourself as a playful Prankster Patient in the game who is trying to disturb Scary Doctor by doing different Amazing pranks and enjoying extreme fun as a prank hero in this Doctor games or hospital games 2021. The Patient will do different tricks as a Prank Hero at the start of each stage and the evil doctor will run behind him in the whole Hospital and you have to save him from scary doctor 2021. It's basically a hospital game or you can also say a doctor game in which the doctor is running behind the child in the entire hospital and finding him but he is playing hide n seek with him.This an different sort of Scary Doctor Game as compare to other Doctor games or Hospital games.As it's more like fun and Adventure as the Patient or kid will be doing funny pranks with the doctor being a prank hero.On the other hand Kid Patient is also scared of Scary Doctor because he is running backward to kill him.This Doctor Simulator Games will be more fun than other Simulator games as the real doctor is trying to catch up the Prankster Kid Patient who is prank master.You'll surely gonna love this game.

Game Features

-Open World Style Interactive Hospital

-Fun Gameplay

-Suitable for Players of all Ages

-Simple and Easy to Control

-Funny Pranks To Enjoy

If you like scary games & Funny Pranky games having prankster or prank master in it then It's a "Best Pick". Let's See How long you take to Beat this Scary and Evil Doctor. Enjoy the Superlative game of 2021.