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The Evil Teacher Playtime Rat-A-Tat is a new horrific and scary teacher game with so much of terror on the player. This Eccentric scary miss of the high school takes the student with her on a camping adventure forcefully with her for a camping trip in a spooky and frightening forest where you have to survive her horror tricks and mischiefs and you have to escape haunted village as soon as possible in this Horror Adventure Game. Be quiet and make steps to rush away from her in this survivor game.it is one of the best horrors games and adventure games in this new scary teacher 2k21.

You are now forcefully taken by your Scary Spooky Evil Teacher that want to secretly hurt you are terrify you from her spooky mischiefs in this survival horror game. Be careful that she reacts very quickly if you make any noise and disturb her when she is doing her routine mischiefs in this Creepy School Games. Complete your tasks in this Scary Prankster 3D Game and find the Door keys of right doors that will lead you towards the exit of the house in this scary simulator game. Reunite your Friends Squad and be prepared to do tasks and get away from that witch.

In this Horror Game 3D you can also play hide-and-seek from that evil scary spooky teacher that tries to scare you, you can hide from her in a closet, cupboard, wardrobe, in the trunk, under the bed or behind the wall. Do everything to save yourself from the scary evil teacher. Play the revenge tricks on your teacher to divert its attention from you but always remember to find your way out of the house in any case in this scary adventure escape in this high school life scary games.

Plant your traps and revenge on the teacher in this Revenge game 2021 so she might not forget that you troubled her once because she would never realize that how she irritates the students and horrifies them and gives them nightmare in her Bad Teacher Life. People say that when she was in the high school in Japanese school sim she was continuously bullied on her face as a witch, creepy, retard and crazy. The plot twist turned out that her mental health changed and she became a Scary bad creepy spooky teacher. Now she teases her students so don’t fall for her initial cuteness and run from the haunted house as soon as possible.

• Smooth game play, Amazing sounds, and easy controls

• Realistic haunted forest camping and open world environment

• High Quality 3D graphics with Realistic Sounds

• Smooth and User-Friendly controls

• Horrifying themes

• Interesting game levels and intense difficulty

• Exciting scared activities and addictive stories

• Horror and Suspense Gameplay

In the previous successful section of scary teacher, we present you another horror school life games named as “Evil Teacher Playtime RatA-Tat” in this Next Chapter Now! Also known as Rat-A-Tat game in this poppy playtime of school Clash Scary Games. So, what are you waiting for to enjoy this trending category adventure, roleplaying, simulation, action horror games 2021. If you have any complain or discrepancy regarding any part of the game you can contact us on the provided official email. your suggestions, feedbacks and opinions are appreciated and our priority and helps us to develop the game even better. Enjoy your thrilling Escape from that crazy teacher along with your friends!!!!!!!