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ScholAR is a treasure trove of interactive 3D Science experiments. ScholAR contains a rich content library that allows you to run a variety of Physics and Chemistry experiments. Relevant for middle and high school students and teachers.

Interactivity & Immersiveness are the biggest strengths of ScholAR simulations. ScholAR attempts to bring about a digital transformation in Experiential Learning, by leveraging cutting edge technologies. The goal is to explain complex concepts in science using examples from common daily occurrences. The ScholAR content library contains numerous 3D interactive simulations relevant for Grades 7 - 10. ScholAR is relevant for various school boards, including - CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB. Subjects covered are Physics and Chemistry. In this challenging time of the pandemic, ScholAR is proving to be an excellent tool to enhance the quality of online teaching methods. High quality Virtual Lab is the need of the hour & ScholAR provides it in the most effective manner. ScholAR aims to address 2 main objectives:

1. Enable passionate teachers to excel in their attempt to impart the most impactful education.

2. Persuade young minds to explore, experience by doing things themselves; thereby spark the genius within them