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(If you play more than one of my Ancient Games, I suggest you download the Ancient Games app : it contains all the games in the same app and takes less space in your device)

The past is full of fascinating games that have been mostly forgotten.

Senet, the first app of the ANCIENT GAMES collection, is one of them.

Play an Egyptian board game that is at least 5000 years old.

Our version is a meticulously crafted mix between what a player wants from an historical game and what he/she expects of a modern application : classic rules, variants, 3D environnement, objectives, unlockable content, sharing capabilities, cloudsaving.

Play the game of the pharaohs like never before.

-Online Matchmaking

-Play Online & Offline.

-3D Boards & Pawns.

-Classic rules + Fun variants.

-Unlock free, paid and bonus game boards to customize your experience.

-Free cloudsave to play from anywhere.

-Languages : English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Spanish and German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian.

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