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Shadow Fight 2 Tokyo Ghoul Mod (Unlock Weapons)

Latest Version
Android version
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Shadow Fight 2 Tokyo Ghoul Mod Mod Info
MOD:(Be sure to read the tips)
1.Unlock Weapons
2.MAX 52
3.Unlimited Gems
4.Gold Coins
5.Enchanted Beads
1.Download and install the game, start the game, go to the“Update!”interface and click “Cancel” and exit the game
2.Find the phone storage-assets-packs.xml002,Change “packs.xml002” to “packs.xml”,continue start the game again
3.After adding the module, the game may crash during the playing process. You can start the game again. Please consider downloading carefully.
4.After the game is not playing, please delete the assets and zone_x.dz (10) files to delete them cleanly.

Shadow Fight 2 Tokyo Ghoul Mod Apk

Shadow Fight 2 Tokyo Ghoul Mod Apk is a fighting game with RPG elements. Shadow Fight 2 Jackie Chan Mod Apk direct install cracked version of first generation had 40 million users on Facebook, and now second generation is finally coming to Android. There are dozens of lifelike animated martial arts moves, a variety of powerful weapons and armor in the game. The exciting journey can begin. You will face many enemies including a powerful boss.

- Smooth and realistic combat animations

- Journey through six different worlds

- Intuitive operation, designed for touchscreen

- Customize your combat skills and skill tree

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