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Shadow Fight 2 (Mod Menu)

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Shadow Fight 2 Mod Info
Mod Menu:
After starting the game, click the round button in the upper left corner to open the module menu, which can open unlimited money
(Players will get unlimited money after winning a battle)

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Menu- an excellent fightinggame with excellent graphics and animation, the developer of the popular game Vector FULL, which characters are in the form of silhouettes (Shadow Fight 2 Mod Menu). Shadow Fight 2 Mod Menu has only two buttons to attack - kicking and hand. In combination with the different positions of the trackpad, which is also used to move and jump, you can apply a variety of kicks and combo series.

As you progress through levels you earn money and spend it possible to buy ammunition, armor and weapons. At any time, you can visit the gym, where all will be able to hone their strokes and practice with the new weapons, and try to learn new combos. 

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