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An exciting 5v5 battle with a third person view, fast and dynamic war strike games with offline survival game elements, these are not online games.

Beautiful graphics, dangerous battle zones, a variety of weapons and stylized characters will impress fans of mobile warfare, and these are all shooters without the Internet

Cutting games

You have to fight with serious opponents on the battlefield. Test your skills and show your opponents how to make frags! Take part in the most exciting battles with friends or boom.

Find yourself in an epic battle of army games on world famous maps. Strike Shooter: This is a multiplayer shooter set in a pixelated survival world. Play new shooting modes - single war and boom. Develop the best strategies to defeat your enemy. Plan your attack, enter the fortress and survive in 5v5 free survival.

Shoot, collect gems, look for opponents and build a fortress together with your squad. Simple mobile character control, as well as special abilities and ults will provide your hero with a huge variety of options for survival.

A wide selection of multiplayer maps. Challenge this hopeless ground pixelated fps with your friends or team. There are many locations in Strike Shooter, from many buildings to islands.

Automatic shooting - give your fingers a rest, just play, collect frags and win.

Button Shooting - If you like hardcore first person shooters then this is for you.

Play alone, fight one for all. Choose 5v5 squad mode or 2v2 arrow mode.

Plasma assault rifles, classic weapons like AK 47, laser guns and flamethrowers try it out in offline shooting games!