SkateFingers (Много денег/без рекламы)

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● Много колёс;
● Отключена загрузка рекламы.
Skate Fingers - addictive pixel runner for android devices.

Fun skateboard rides

A fun and rather minimalistic endless runner that will give you a chance to while away your leisure time, get a lot of positive emotions, as well as a completely new gameplay experience. In Skate Finger you have to master the skill of controlling a fingerboard - a miniature analogue of a skateboard, which is controlled with the help of ordinary human fingers. This unusual and rather entertaining form of entertainment quickly gained great popularity in its time, and now you have a chance to try out such an extraordinary form of transport.

Stylish graphics

Despite a rather simple idea, Skate Fingers is a very high quality endless runner with a well-developed game process, beautiful animations and unusual visuals. Here you have to control the fingerboard along endless areas with many difficult to overcome obstacles and all this in the entourage of an ordinary room. Skate Fingers is a classic runner with an unusual idea and its unique implementation, which will give you an exceptionally vivid and incomparable gaming experience. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.