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Skull Rider (Много денег)

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Skull Rider - Pixel RPG Adventure - Pixel Idle-RPG for android devices.

Protect beautiful princesses

An addictive arcade RPG with pixel art inspired by the best gaming projects of the past. Here you will play the role of a skeleton who lived peacefully in a dungeon for many years. But, one day, you accidentally helped a charming princess and saved her from a bloodthirsty monster. You were not a knight or a benefactor, but still decided to take the girl home through dangerous locations, burning villages, dark forests, high mountains and narrow paths.

Dangerous missions

Dangerous challenges await you in Skull Rider - Pixel RPG Adventure in which you have to destroy assorted opponents for a limited number of enemies, unlock new types of weapons, stylish skins for your hero, collect loot, find treasures and much more. Over time, you will be able to pump the characteristics of your ward and increase his playing level. Can you safely guide the princess and become a real hero? Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.