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Your solitaire story begins on a magnificent cruise ship that has just set sail for the Hawaiian islands!

Embark on the ultimate solitaire adventure journey with a twist: we are exploring beautiful beaches along the coastline while playing tripeaks solitaire. You will experience the thrill of a sea voyage, together with the excitement of solving tricky solitaire card puzzles - fun brain training for players of all ages!

Relaxing, yet challenging, this patience card game has been everyone's favorite pastime for decades.

HOW TO PLAY **Solitaire Tripeaks:On A Cruise**:

♣️ the object of this classic card game is to transfer all the cards from the tableau to the waste pile

♦️ simply tap face-up cards that are either one above or one below the top card of the waste pile

♠ you can use a wild card, but use it wisely;

♥ if you need extra cards, you can buy them with coins you earn in the game

♣️ take back a wrong move using the back button

♠ have a great time and relax your mind after a long day!

♥ combo bar - get more coins, bonus cards, and wild cards as rewards for completing a streak! If all cards in your streak have the same color or suit, your reward doubles!

♦️ Fun card games that everyone can play, with high-quality graphics and gorgeous backgrounds! ♦️

**Solitaire Tripeaks: On A Cruise** is a perfect mind puzzle to train your brain and patience; can you complete all levels and become the king of classic card games?

Give it a try and challenge your family and friends to a solitaire games competition! It doesn't matter whether your favorite game is patience, klondike or pyramid, we know you will fall in love with tripeaks solitaire in record time;

We told you there were twists in this seemingly classic card game; special levels with missions to accomplish await you after you master the skills of patience and focus!

Explore **Solitaire Tripeaks: On A Cruise** and prepare yourself to be entertained by the gameplay and smitten with the design.

♣️ It's showtime in the solitaire arena! ♣️

Travel the world on your cruiser, and remember the sunny summer days; our solitaire games will take you on a sea adventure and help you relax your mind and de-stress after a day at school or work.

An unforgettable day is ahead of you: download and play the most amazing free card game!