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Space Beatfight (Много денег)

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Потратьте алмазы и золото, чтобы их количество стало бесконечным.
Space Beat - dynamic space shooter for android devices.

Travel around the planets and over 100 levels

In Space Beat you will find fascinating space battles, where you besides battles with alien invaders, you will create a musical rhythm. Dynamic gameplay, an incredible number of opponents, travel to 4 atmospheric planets and 100 stunning levels that will be a real test for your reaction speed and attentiveness. Also, you have to collect bonuses and combine nodes, travel and enjoy fantastic music.

Deadly bosses

By combining nodes, you can create music, control beats and fight opponents. Also in Space Beat you will meet with the most powerful bosses that will not give you the opportunity to make mistakes or hesitate. Here you can get a lot of valuable rewards, unlock new ships, upgrade their characteristics, create amazing music, as well as appreciate the comfortable controls and addictive gameplay that will help gamers of all ages spend their leisure time in an interesting way. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.