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Space Blocks (Unlocked)

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Разблокированы платные возможности.
Sago Mini Space Blocks Builder - endless arcade simulator for kids for android devices.

Intergalactic Adventure

In Sago Mini Space Blocks Builder, you have to go on a true intergalactic adventure to help your friends build an entire city on a newly discovered planet. You will have an incredible number of various and even bizarre blocks at your disposal, from which you can build structures to your liking. And you have to build a lot, from residential buildings to shops, skyscrapers, entertainment venues and infrastructure.

Funny creatures

Here you will act as a mayor, architect and builder, and you will also be able to reveal your creative ability and use a non-standard approach. The more structures you build, the more funny characters of a wide variety of space races you can attract to your city. Practical endless gameplay, an abundance of building blocks of various materials, colorful design, intuitive controls and adorable heroes are waiting for you. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.