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Become an space pirate king

Customize the space battleship

・ Attack a cruise ship

・ Steal a treasure from cargo ship

・ Remember the guards

・ Run away from a warship

・ Deactivate the enemy in electronic warfare

・ Attracted by the tractor beam and skewered

・ There are the following parts

Manufacture space battleship parts or rob enemies.

There are parts like this (more than 100)

Wave gun, swivel turret, warp, generator, phalanx

Operate a space battleship and clear missions in a beautiful 3D space.

It's an action game

Arrange parts freely and build a space battleship.

You can also customize rotation, enlargement, coloring and more.

Combine the two parts to make a new part.

Purchase parts with money that can be obtained from missions and prisoners of war.

No annoying ads, waiting times, or expensive gachas.

Passenger ships will surrender after some damage.

In the battle mission, the aircraft built by someone will come out.

In electronic warfare, if you change all the nodes to green, your opponent will surrender.

ECM cancels missile guidance.