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Spinner Empire Introduction:

Spinner Empire game has 2 playing modes including Death Match and Rank Battle

In Death Match mode, players will defeat other spinners and survive to the end of game to become the winner.

Players also eat items to earn coins and get scores to level up. There are 11 types of items including 1 item to increase damage, 1 item to increase defense, 1 item to increase blood, 5 items to earn coins, scores and 2 virus items that deduct blood and scores. And 1 special item that is generated when one spinner dies. This item can increase a large amount of blood and earn one diamond.

Spinner has 3 skills: Collision, shoot and speed up to attack and defeat other spinners.

If players lose then they receive amount of coins that earned from eating items. And if players win then they receive the bonus coins after ending the game.

In Rank Battle mode, players will eat items to earn score and obtain the high rank on the ranking board in the game. Players also defeat other spinners to earn the special item that can increase a large amount of blood and earn one diamond. Players will receive the bonus coins corresponding with the rank after ending the game of this mode.

Besides, players also use coins and diamonds to upgrade the spinner skills such as attack, defense and blood. And they also buy new spinners or cannons that have different skills.