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Squid Game Challenge Run

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Squid Game Challenge Run for Android. Game is in 3D.

It's offline 3D game and it's inspired by the Squid Game series. All characters are 3D. A fantastic 3D game experience. All players have their own number. When player die he will scream and blood particle effect will play. Player have animations: Idle, Run, and Dying. In game are Squid Game workers with their idle animation. And Squid Game doll has rotation animation.

How To Play:

You need to go to finish line and cross the finish line and then you win. But when you get caught moving when doll is not singing doll will eliminate you. You are playing with another players that want to win but when another player is caught moving when doll is singing another player will be eliminate too. You need to be fast also because when timer will be at zero all players in field will be eliminated. Good luck!