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Squid Game Glass Bridge 3D

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The squid game is a new level of bridge made of glass. Squid game glass bridge will you be able to pass through the tempered glass to the end or will you die after passing through ordinary glass. Chance to pass 0.00001525878% impossible game. What will you choose when you walk across the bridge of glass? Strength or agility, tactics or strategy?

Horror awaits you in this 3d survival game. The glass broke and you died. It's scary to the point of horror. Survive stay alone and win the squid game. Play with your friends it's scary fun. Squid will kill you if you don't jump on the glass. Defeat your opponents be brave and smart. The main thing is not to be afraid.

This is an offline game, not an online game. Granny won't jump out at you in the squid game. Colmar is not an adventure or a joke. Glass bridge made of glass horror stories will not let you fall asleep from scary. Screams and monster are heard at night when glass breaks and criminals die under the shards that left the broken glass in this scary squid survival game! Play with friends or alone dark!

A real thriller bestseller in the trend about a Korean TV series in which people die for money. The poor are fighting for the money in the piggy bank that the survivor will receive in a frightening cruel game of squid.

Continuation of the horror squid game. Remember the granny doll shooting when the light is red and running green light? Our hero survived, passed this terrible test and now it's time to cross the glass bridge. There are few players left. Will the hero be able to guess tempered or ordinary glass? Will he fall and die in horror or will he be able to reach the end and pass the glass bridge? Only you can help him.


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