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Steel And Flesh 2: New Lands (So Mod Menu)

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Mod Menu(The problem that the game cannot be installed has been fixed. You can clear the download cache in the box and download and install it again.) :
1.Level increases by 1 level,
2.100000 gold coins,
3.100 prestige,
4.100 honor,
5.100 domination,
6.100 support of the house of Lords,
7.and 100 physical strength of troops

Steel And Flesh 2 Mod Menu

Steel And Flesh 2: New Lands blends medieval 3D action and strategy. You have the opportunity to visit the Middle Ages in 1212, when the Mongol Empire in Asia was growing stronger and the Middle East Crusades were in full swing. You have access to a huge world map with 20 major nations. You have the right to swear allegiance to any country and soon become its king or create your own country occupying more and more territory. Also, you always have the opportunity to fight bandits and earn money by selling trophies. Buying land and starting a business will ensure you have a comfortable life. Not only can you travel around the world map, but you can personally join your army at any time, whether it's a battle in the wilderness or the siege of a city, castle, port or village.

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