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Stickman History Battle is a new war game, which is an independent and original game about stickman from History Battle series. The game incorporates the best of the adventure and real-time strategy genre. Fight through different eras together with the stickman heroes. Journey through different eras: The primitive, Vikings and knights, modern times and even the future. Build your great kingdom of Stickmen and fight against enemy civilizations. The strongest will win!

Are you ready for a legendary Stickman battle?

Grab as much land and resources as you can, and recruit a strong army. You have workers, infantry, stickmen, artillery, cavalry, tanks, helicopters, and even robots at your disposal. Train units and upgrade them by moving from one military era to the next. Become the hero of the great battles of civilizations!

The war has begun! Fight right now!

An exciting stickman battle awaits you. Siege new lands in different eras of the Middle Ages, Crusaders, Musketeers and ending with Cyberpunk and the Future. Immerse yourself in the heritage era of ancient and modern battles. Defend your base from an onslaught of enemy stickman troops. Siege the enemy tower and destroy it to win. Use unique tactics for each battle and location. Over 50 unique quests await you!

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