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Meet StreamLabs®, your all-in-one home water solution that protects your home from water damage and leaks. Using advanced ultrasonic technology, StreamLabs captures and delivers powerful insights into your water usage – and provides real-time alerts of potential leaks. Manually customize your leak alert settings or let the new learning Smart Alerts™ feature automatically protect your home by detecting any water usage outside of the norm. Choose from two StreamLabs devices: StreamLabs Monitor or StreamLabs Control. Both WiFi-enabled devices provide leak protection for your entire home and integrate with popular smart home devices such as Alexa® and Nest®. The StreamLabs Smart Home Water Monitor installs and calibrates in under 5-minutes – no pipe cutting, tools, or plumbers required. The StreamLabs Control stops leaks in their tracks with its remote, automatic water shut-off functionality.The StreamLabs App is mission control for your StreamLabs device. It supports both the Monitor and Control all in one place to create the household leak protection system for your needs. In the StreamLabs App, you’ll have access to:- Live water usage- Customized leak detection settings: slow and major leak alerts- Smart Alerts™ learning leak detection- Freeze alerts- Home and Away modes- Comparative usage charts- Alexa® and Nest® integration- Remote shut-off (Control only)- Water pressure, water temperature, and humidity alerts (Control only)- Drip Detect™ alerts (Control only)See how StreamLabs puts household leak protection at your fingertips.To learn more, visit www.StreamLabswater.com.